Maximum Technology Leads Your Bussiness to Success

Our extensive experience in the ever-changing technology environment enables our clients to focus on managing their businesses while we plan, implement, optimize and maintain -- their IT solutions.

Who We Are ?


1. A Skilled Translator: We don’t just do what we’re told, we demystify Information Technology. We give business owners the tools they need to make powerful and informed decisions to grow their businesses and maximize profit.

2. A Dedicated Partner: We are not just an IT company, we are a partner to our clients. We become an extension of our clients’ businesses by providing strategic IT recommendations to help lower costs and maximize

3. A Vibrant Team: Our staff is passionately committed to each client’s success. We are a team, an IT arsenal, not just an IT guy or a group of disjointed professionals.

4. A Complete Solution: We have the answers to clients IT concerns. We provide the proper resources -- CIO, CTO, IT design architect, project manager, desktop/network engineer --> to meet the business needs and execute solutions quickly, saving time and money.

5. A Tireless Effort: IT Technology is always available to assist clients with any technology needs. We provide 24/7 support to our clients, 365 days a year.

Solution Overview

IT Technology is a US-based IT solutions provider. We focus on providing comprehensive IT solutions with exceptional service levels to small and medium size businesses. IT Technology's proactive approach to developing IT solutions helps our clients utilize information more efficiently, anticipate and react to change, communicate and collaborate, and remain competitive in their respective marketplaces. We believe that a well conceived and efficient IT infrastructure is crucial to the success of our clients’ businesses.

Operating Systems

Operating Systems : manage the IT hardware and applications that your business depends on. IT consulting companies such as All Covered can help you choose the best operating systems to meet your business needs.

• Server operating systems Server operating systems are designed to provide services to other computers and network devices within your business.

• Desktop operating systems Desktop operating systems are designed to run applications for end users.

Network & Data Security

Information Technology Security Services Organizations frequently must evaluate and select a variety of information technology (IT) security services in order to maintain and improve their overall IT security program and enterprise architecture. IT security services, which range from security policy development to intrusion detection support

the experience to help your company create and implement an IT security plan to protect your company's IT environment, intellectual and financial assets.

• Permission and Policies Rules are written rules that are made to control the behavior of your staff when they use your company's IT environment. Awen can provide you with best policy to protect your business without interfering with productivity.

• Identify Your Risks are performed by IT services providers to assess all of your company's potential IT risks. All Covered has performed countless assessments to help clients identify potential areas of risk and then guided them in the choosing the best spending strategies to maximize limited IT budgets.

• Defense and Security Threats We will assest you cutomize you network to meaat your business needs and with our knowledge
and long term experiance we will make sure keep updated and secured

Business Application

Business Applications are software programs that will improve your business' productivity. IT support companies can help you choose the best applications for your vertical market. All Covered has extensive knowledge and partnerships with application vendors to give you the information you need to select the best applications for your business.

• Server applications are designed to distribute data to workstations through applications or a web interface.

• Workstation applications are applications that users access on individual workstations.


Virtualization lets you stretch your IT budget by creating non-physical copies of applications, workstations, and servers on existing machines. All Covered, an IT consulting services firm, is very familiar with virtualization and can help you choose the best virtualization solutions to meet your company's unique IT needs.

• Server virtualization allows multiple servers to be installed on one or more existing machines.

• Desktop virtualization removes the need for a CPU at each computer station.

• Application virtualization separates individual software applications from the operating systems of workstations.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a newer "on-demand" IT service that lets you lease or rent IT resources that you need without the commitment of ownership

Every business has needs and yours is no different. Your people need to stay connected and you need to maintain essential security and control. So why not have both? Make productivity easier by giving everyone endless ways to work and collaborate from anywhere at any time and on any device. In the cloud you make the rules.

• Types of cloud computing are numerous and the best IT support companies are familiar with the many solutions. All Covered has the experience to help you learn about the different solutions.

• Benefits of cloud computing are quickly realized once your company understands how cloud computing can help. All Covered, one of the only IT consulting companies with a national presence, can help your company realize the benefits of adopting cloud computing as part of your IT strategy.

• Choosing the best solution is easy once you've decided to adopt cloud computing. The best IT outsourcing companies can help your business select the appropriate model to fit your business needs.

                                           ** Productivity and Collaboration , Access Anywhere "PC, Phone, Browser.

VPN and Remote Users

A virtual private network (VPN) is a network that uses primarily public telecommunication infrastructure, such as the Internet, to provide remote offices or traveling users access to a central organizational network. VPNs typically require remote users of the network to be authenticated, and often secure data with encryption technologies to prevent disclosure of private information to unauthorized parties. VPNs may serve any network functionality that is found on any network, such as sharing of data and access to network resources, printers, databases, websites, etc. A VPN user typically experiences the central network in a manner that is identical to being connected directly to the central network. VPN technology via the public Internet has replaced the need to requisition and maintain expensive dedicated leased-line telecommunication circuits once typical in wide-area network installations.

VOIP and Telecommunication

VOIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, or in more common terms phone service over the Internet. If you have a reasonable quality Internet connection you can get phone service delivered through your Internet connection instead of from your local phone company.

PBX Phone Systems for Small Business What is a PBX?An IP PBX is a private branch exchange (telephone switching system within an enterprise) that switches calls between VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol or IP) users on local lines while allowing all users to share a certain number of external phone lines. The typical IP PBX can also switch calls between a VoIP user and a traditional telephone user, or between two traditional telephone users in the same way that a conventional PBX does. The abbreviation may appear in various texts as IP-PBX, IP/PBX, or IPPBX.

The Perfect Features Voicemail, auto attendants, dial-by-name directory, ring groups. And much more.
Our new system comes complete with the kind of sophisticated features that users of big business PBX phone systems take for granted.

Optional VoIP Need Voice over IP? Multi-location integration? No problem; small business VoIP is here. VoIP-enabled our system to handle both VoIP and the traditional telephone network. With a VoIP PBX, you connect the way you choose; VoIP (Voice over IP) and traditional telephone networks, IP phones or standard analog telephones. Our PBX and IP PBX phone systems deliver the best of both worlds in one easy-to-use phone system.