Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is key to Business Continuity

Transform your approach to business continuity and disaster recovery with leading edge solutions that are continuously available.

Protect your critical applications with continuous availability, business continuity, and disaster recovery solutions

We are able to provide a wide-range of Disaster Recovery and Remote Backup functionality to our clients.
Recent experience with disruptive events such as natural disasters, pandemics, and terrorist attacks has shown that some companies did not have adequate crisis management capabilities, and as a result did not survive

Available with any netcotech dedicated server
The best way to avoid downtime is to eliminate single points of failure in your configurations. As you add redundancy, your ability to recover quickly improves—and your costs increase. We understand that DR is expensive, so we can offer you an experienced team that can help you choose the right resiliency solutions based on your risk tolerance, and ensure they’re optimized to meet your recovery objectives and budget.

When data is your business, you’ll do whatever it takes to protect it. The volume of data that organisations must manage today makes it difficult for them to develop a suitable data backup and recovery strategy. Corporate governance rules are becoming stricter, and even many small businesses must regularly back up terabytes of information. The common practice of running backups overnight is no longer enough. If you need simple backup services, hosted backup services or recovery services, netcotech has the answers.