We operate worldwide

As an internationally-active company, Netcotech's customers include IT professionals based in locations around the globe. For that reason, we have at our disposal two state-of-the-art data centers in Europe and the USA. Both our data centers are centrally located in their respective continents and are connected to our high-speed backbone, thereby offering transmission rates in excess of 550 Gbits/s. This makes it possible to provide our customers worldwide with the fastest possible connection at all times.

As a customer of Netcotech, you benefit from the many years of experience of a hosting pioneer.

With us you can be confident that everything will be running as smoothly tomorrow as it is today. We continually invest in the further development of our products and we are always on the lookout for the most stable and reliable hardware on the market.

Superior solutions for better business

Recognized as one of the most reliable Outsourced Infrastructure and Hosting Solutions companies in the industry, NetcoTech has been providing exceptional service.


All computing solutions under one name:
Outsourcing (Outsourcing), support and maintenance of computer networks (IT), cloud services, information security,Virtualization, IT support, printer services, construction sites and more.
Why work with us?
All services at one: to give you 'peace of mind' in terms of computing systems, Netcotech set to provide any solution and meet theneed in this area.

Staff: All staff undergo screening Netcotech and professional training and are committed to professional standards and services exports of the company. A support staff of professional authority.

We work with all major verticals in North America, Our NOC team are certified from Watchguard, Barracuda, Microsoft, Mailstore, Vmware and much more 

Management: CEO, Gideon Gideon , involved in professional activities of the company. Gideon experience of over 15 years in computing. Past served as director of information systems in large groups and was behind large-scale projects , infrastructure and information systems.

Professionalism: staff of Netcotech many years experience in computers and the ability to respond creatively to a variety of different needs and problems. We operate a broad view for organizing and maintaining high standards.

Service: Working with Netcotech assure you that working with permanent staff, and loyal service with caring for each client and each project. We promise you a human response throughout the week and every hour if necessary.

Quality: Netcotech is a provider of hardware and software vendors market leaders,
Such as HP, Dell, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, Avaya, Digium and others.

Netcotech specializes in the supply, construction and maintenance of communication equipment, IP core and wirelesscommunication networks of leading brands including: Cisco, Avaya, Asterisk and more ...

The company's goal is to ensure the customer receives the product best suited for him.
For this purpose Netcotech works with a wide range of partners, and performs the integration of their solutions to achieveoptimal results for its clients.

Sales personnel, technical support and service through training and certification from the manufacturers on a regular basis.Networks built by the company include switches, routers, wireless solutions, data security, and more ...

The combination of capabilities netcotech providing solutions for advanced communications equipment with the ability incommunications infrastructure, servers, and IP-based security systems create for the customer end to end integrated solutionwith responsibility