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Surveillance & Security Systems

Video surveillance systems continue to become more effective and vast in the applications for which they are used. Not only do video surveillance systems provide historical evidence and real-time remote monitoring of events, today they are utilized to provide actionable intelligence and increase operational efficiency.
They are extensively used in all small offices in addition to large industrial facilities to help minimize business losses

Digital video systems enable you to optimize your production and distribution procedures or assist you in analyzing your clientele's purchasing behaviour.
Digital video (DVR) is a technology offers a vast array of advantages compared to conventional systems using videotape recorders. Transition from an analogue (videotape recorder) system to a digital (DVR) system is quick and affordable: some of the existing cameras and hardwiring can be kept while the multiplexer and videotape recorder are replaced with a digital recorder. The total purchase price for this type of system can offer excellent value for money considering the savings in maintenance and repairs and, especially, increased productivity.

Security camera systems can be an asset to anyone when it comes to safety either at home, at work, or in public or private locations. Depending on the type of security system that is install will greatly depend on the location, the picture quality required, the coverage area needed, the safety level wanted, and the protection level required for many different public and private premises. There are many different advantages of installing a digital video surveillance system into your business or home, and they can also save you hundreds to thousands of dollars especially if there is a theft.

Security cameras Edmonton

Security Cameras

  • CCTV cameras & IP cameras
  • Indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, hidden cameras, pan tilt zoom cameras
  • Specialty features like low light, night vision and more

Digital Recorders

  • DVRs, NVRs, mobile recorders and portable units for remote access
  • Recorders capable of handling different numbers of cameras from one to infinity
  • Onsite monitored solutions as well as remote monitored solutions over the internet

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