Firewall Migration

Meet The Security & Compliance Requirements

Firewall migration services across different firewall technology vendors.

Planned Zero-Downtime Firewall Migration

A firewall is necessary to protect your data, networks and devices. Don't stay behind and expose your network because of your outdated appliances.

Managed IT Edmonton

There is no point hiding the fact that moving to a new vendor requires careful consideration, We help you plan and migrate from your current firewall to your new firewall / UTM / NG Firewall.We're experienced with all types of firewalls and will set you up on a leading-edge Firewalls that will meet your business needs. Take advantage of our network certified engineers to get your project off to a great start.

Is your existing firewall cannot handle current internet bandwidth or CPU requirements ?, This leads to internet slowness, which is negatively impacting Email, Weill Business Gateway and data transfers.

Firewall Migration provides your organization with a professional services firewall migration consultant who has extensive knowledge of common firewall deployments


Firewall Migration Process.

  • Analyze and cleanup existing firewall rules
    So that duplicate and/or, obsolete (what else) rules are removed, Similar rules performing similar function can cause throughput and CPU degradation, Obsolete rules that are no longer necessary can lead to unauthorized network access.
  • Develop migration plan
    Our team will study your project's needs and will build a project plan fully documented to prevent downtime and make this process reach the business goals.
  • Create a test plan
    To verify changes improve performance in all known performance-issue areas (i.e., data transfers, internet speed, CPU utilization, etc.) .
  • Perform migration
    Out team will handle the migration process as planed and perform the test needs to insure the migration process.
  • Training and maintenance
    After the migration process we will get some training to the current IT tech if available or to responsible person for the business, we can provide from a basic to advanced training to gain the customer with the knowledge needed.
Optional service: Monitor, detect and prevent network intrusions.

Our managed network security service detects and reports any intrusion attempts or misuse, inside and outside the network. It takes effective remedial action, preventing downtime and protecting your online revenues. Our experts will review all changes in security policy while you maintain control of changes and have full visibility into your network through detailed reporting and metrics.

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