Email and Web Protection

We make sure you never have to choose between protection and performance

Enterprise solution to protect your business.

Single solution to protect against inbound attacks, as well as outbound threats and data loss, with a wide range of security capabilities.

Blocking viruses and spam, Content and URL filtering.

Internet Security Edmonton

Netcotech protects businesses of all sizes from the latest malware and emerging online threats. Solutions are designed to work together, integrating antimalware, antispyware, and antivirus software with security management features that reduce risk, improve Internet security, and help businesses achieve operational effectiveness.

Watchguard UTM Edmonton

Watchguard UTM

WatchGuard has been a strong contender in the UTM market for many years, WatchGuard's unified threat management (UTM) appliances are a one-stop shop for border security needs, You get all the performance, all the protection – all on your terms. Most effective defense-in-depth for email and web.

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Fortinet Edmonton


Fortinet have a wide range of products, starting from small ones dedicated to small offices, and growing up to devices that are able to grant security and networking for really big companies, Fortinet offers a plethora of features for application inspection, intrusion prevention, application and content inspection, and much more.

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AVG - F-secure  Edmonton

AVG / F-secure

Enable organizations to tightly manage mobile apps, secure mobile access to enterprise data, and audit and control mobile devices, Protect business data no matter where it sits or is accessed from. Lock, wipe and reset lost or stolen devices. Configure VPN and two way authentication. More about security software

Security Services IT Edmonton

Professional Services

Our highly skilled team of technical consultants, we take pride in our experience and expertise in the management, configuration and securing your own web and mail servers. Trouble shooting and problem identification, and performance assurance. 24x7 system monitoring available.

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Benefits of Managed Network Security

  • Proactive Management
    Hands-on monitoring, configuration management and appliance health and status checks result in proactive response, detecting any resolving and issues before they impact network availability and business operations.
  • 24x7 device monitoring
    The Managed Firewall service offers 24/7 management of a security network appliance. Notification and resolution of firewall-related issues
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
    An intrusion detection system (IDS) can help us to spot your network traffic, and making sense of the results means trawling through thousands of lines of alerts every day. Continually updated signatures give you real-time protection from spyware, SQL injections, cross-site scripting, and buffer overflows
  • Vulnerability Scanning
    While most solutions require full backups periodically or in some cases daily, our solution only requires an initial full backup then from that point stores only incremental file changes. Saving you money in storage space, data transfer costs and server load.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
    Establish rules for personally identifiable information, financial and healthcare data, and more
  • Continuous operation
    Ability to retain normal system performance in the case of malicious outbreak.
Monitor, detect and prevent network intrusions.

Our managed network security service detects and reports any intrusion attempts or misuse, inside and outside the network. It takes effective remedial action, preventing downtime and protecting your online revenues. Our experts will review all changes in security policy while you maintain control of changes and have full visibility into your network through detailed reporting and metrics.

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