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Business Networks and the Internet

As businesses grow, their network layouts expand to increasingly larger numbers of LANs. Corporations based in more than one location set up internal connectivity between their office buildings Most companies enable their employees to access the Internet from inside the business network. Some install Internet content filtering technology to block access to certain Web sites or domains. These filtering systems use a configurable database of Internet domain names (such as pornographic or gambling Web sites), addresses and content keywords deemed to violate the company acceptable use policy. Some home network routers also support Internet content filtering features through their administration screens, but corporations tend to utilize more powerful and expensive third-party software solutions. Businesses sometimes also enable employees to log into the company network from their homes or other external locations, a capability called remote access. A business can set up virtual private network (VPN) servers to support remote access, with employees' computers configured to use matching VPN client software and security settings.

Network Architecture, Engineering, Integration and Optimization

This service maximizes your network investment by providing your team with technical leadership and professional services expertise, tools, and best practices to help you intelligently run your network for optimal performance.
What You Get:
Technical leadership from netcotech services experts help your team assess the network's readiness to support new technologies and identify gaps in your current architecture. Unmatched networking knowledge and best-practices to optimize your routing, switching, wireless and security infrastructure for better performance and reliability to deliver an improved customer experience.

Network Infrastructure Services

  • Network Architecture, Engineering, Integration and Optimization
  • Systems Architecture, Integration and Administration
  • Network and Security Monitoring
  • IT Security Security, Firewalls - Proxy Gateway - Active directoty ..
  • Data Center Optimization and Virtualization
  • IP Telephony/VoIP/Unified Communications
  • Cloud Computing - Private / Hosted Services
  • RF/Wireless
  • Data Storage Solutions – SAN/NAS
  • Disaster Recovery / Safety
  • Technician Support from experts 24/7
  • Server hardware - Racks - Cabeling - Remote Sites offices
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