Managed Private Network

The feature Private Network enables you to group your servers into VLANs fast and easily in your Netcotech panel. That way, you can build your own server clusters for complex applications, which have direct internal connections allowing for a secure and immediate data exchange between the servers. In addition, you will receive five VPN accounts for every VLAN, enabling you to login to the VLAN from every internet workplace with a username and password in order to gain access to the provided data.

The product Managed Private Network is available as an additional option for every server and there are three different versions:

Product namePrice per server/monthbandwidth
Private Network L $ 49.0 10 MBit/s
Private Network XL $ 69.0 100 MBit/s
Private Network XXL $ 119.0 100 MBit/s

Technical Description
Within 24 hours after the Private Network product has been ordered, all of the customer's servers are physically interconnected in the data center. During this process, the respective ports on the switch are ready configured for the desired VLAN. Later, it is possible for the customer to modify the VLAN in the panel as needed and with immediate effect. This means that servers can be added or removed without any further delays due to configuration in the data center.

All of a customer's servers are connected to the internal network switch with a second network card in order to enable data exchange between all servers independent of the global network. These particular servers are connected in the same VLAN. Additionally, all switches are interconnected, so that all of a customer's servers in one data center have the option of using the same VLAN.

You can determine for each server in the netcotech panel if and in which VLAN it should be. In doing so, you can either select a new VLAN or assign the server to an already existing VLAN. Servers can also be removed from a VLAN anytime. All assignments and changes are carried out in real-time. VLANs are always exclusively used by one netcotech customer and never shared between several customers.

IP Addresses
For each VLAN you get a Class C network with 256 private IP addresses. The IP address range is taken from the private network These IP addresses can be allocated as desired. The available IP addresses are shown in the respective panel area, where it is also possible to make notes of what the IPs are used for.

Technical Description
VPN is established over the PPTP protocol, so that the connection can be setup quickly and easily in Windows, and no additional software is needed. In order to avoid misuse, only connections over SSH or RDP are allowed by the firewall.

For the configuration of the VPN account, one IP from the network is given to the user. This IP will then be the client IP on the system from which the user wants to establish the VPN tunnel. An additional route into the internal network has to be established on the client system. Moreover, it is necessary to set a route on the server into the VPN network. It is not necessary, however, to state a gateway.

Since this access is only available for administration, only the ports 3389 (Remote Desktop) and 22 (SSH) are possible with the VPN. The server you have to connect to is|eu|com. The authentication method for the VPN is MSCHAPv2.