Managed Loadbalancing Local

The Managed Loadbalancing solution is designed to route the traffic through a redundant infrastructure of load balancers to achieve an optimal load sharing between all servers. The complete management, administration and maintenance are conducted by the customer in his panel. This service includes the hardware, connection to the Netcotech network, and any related services. By booking the product Managed Support, the customer can also be assisted by our Netcotech support.

The product Managed Loadbalancing Local requires a separate contract and is available in three versions:

Product nameMonthly feeMax. Connections
Managed Loadbalancing Local L $ 99.0 50
Managed Loadbalancing Local XL $ 169.0 100
Managed Loadbalancing Local XXL $ 265.0 200

With our Load Balancers, your website, Database server, will be capable of handling the most popular of media and data events. Load Balancers provide increased performance to your servers by distributing traffic efficiently to multiple servers, and create a more robust and fault-tolerant system.