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Our enterprise strategy is an approach to creating and managing all enterprise business solution We pride on offering some of the most advanced and flexible preconfigured web hosting solutions while also keeping the door open to create your own custom plans. This allows us to offer unmatched service to businesses of all sizes in many industries. Flexible solutions to match your requirements, Virtualisation and IaaS, Data storage, replication and back-up,Multi-site disaster recovery solutions
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Web Cluster

high availability web cluster hosting solution offers maximum redundancy and reliability. We offer a clustered failover hosting environment with real-time data replication that will automatically route all network traffic to an available server

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web cluster

Database Driven

Our Professional Certified Database Administrator (CDBA) are available to install, configure, monitor and maintain your database server The goal is simple - minimize business risk, data theft, and data losses through good security.

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Remote Site

Advanced solution Remote Site gives you the option to have you files, database and emails to be synchronized to a remote site server in our Data center, keeping your local network structure . Ensure highly available data and applications

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Managed Security

With Firewall Management service, your firewall infrastructure is monitored 24x7 to detect and respond to threats before damage is done. Security and health events are correlated across your environment and analyzed by our Certified IT.

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Powerful Solutions, Expert Service

Let us design a solution that will meet your specific requirements or choose from our range of add-on managed services to customize the perfect solution You need to know that your server is in good hands at all times. That philosophy is the basis for why we provide true server management with a level of service unmatched by any other provider in the industry. Our services range from web cluster, database driver and remote site to security, monitoring, and advanced administration services. 24x7x365, make the full spectrum of managed services available to you anytime you need them.

Why us ?

Netcotech stands for professional dedicated servers without compromise. We address our services to users who make a point of the essentials: high-performance hardware, a fast and stable network, and transparent offers with a remarkably good value for money.
Our individual managed services allow you to take advantage of the expertise of certified IT professionals, without all the overhead costs that come with employing full-time IT staff.
we understand and accept that it's our duty to you to ensure that you have the latest and greatest tools, platforms and framework to continuously put your best foot forward.

What are the main advantages?

It takes time & energy to maintain a stable hosting environment - let it be our time & energy. Take full advantage of the perks of hosting in an enterprise-class data center with certified technicians on duty 24x7x365, hardware replacement guarantees, redundant infrastructure.

Consider our technicians your technicians - no need to hire full time IT staff. You're not just getting a service; you're getting an entire team of certified experts available around the clock. No matter what time of day, the benefits of a full IT staff are at your disposal. Utilize our certified experts to get the job done professionally and with the experience you simply can't afford to go without.