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Data Storage & Management

Secure Your Files in a Reliable Storage Solution to Avoid Data Loss

To ensure maximum uptime, ideally NAS systems should come with technologies and features that help users protect data against both physical and logical errors. These technologies and features include the following

  • RAID technology
  • Hot Swap Server
  • Remote replication
  • Snapshot backup
  • Protection against silent data corruption
  • Secure your data
  • User management and permissions

With our LinxNAS can be easily utilized in different business and enterprise applications such as backup center, disaster recovery, file sharing, virtualization, and video storage.
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Disaster Recovery Planning Solutions

Getting back to business after a disaster depends on preparedness planning done before disaster strikes! Business invest a tremendous amount of time, money and resources to make their ventures successful, and yet, while the importance of emergency planning may seem self-evident, it may get put on the back-burner in the face of more immediate concerns. For business owners, being prepared can mean staying in business following a disaster.

Disaster recovery planning and properly maintaining business continuity are vital issues that every organization should address. Formulating a sound disaster recovery and business continuity plan can be a complex undertaking. It involves a large amount of coordinated details, which can be easily overlooked by most businesses. Stressing the importance of a disaster recovery process is of utmost importance. If your organization were to go down because of a natural disaster, what would happen to your business? What are the ramifications to your clients? Would they remain loyal to you as you rebuild, or do they have to worry about their business too? You know the answers, now it is just a matter of implementing a strategy to thwart any issues that may occur
At Netcotech, we evaluate the critical processes in order to document the best next step procedures that would be best to get your company back up and running in no time. We understand that creating a disaster recovery plan is no small task, if it was, every organization would have one.

An integral part of our managed IT solution, Netcoetch backup and IT disaster recovery services can play a critical role in minimizing downtime in a disaster and preventing data loss in the event of a server or application failure. Whether it's a natural disaster, a power failure, human error, or a vicious hacker attack, our solution can restore your systems quickly, in a matter of hours or even minutes.
We offer managed on-site as well as Online Remote Backup and disaster recovery hosting solutions to cost-effectively maintain the availability, security and functionality of your network. Our services include:

  • Server local backup and monitoring.
  • Server off-site replication and monitoring.
  • Remote backup off-site storage.