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Tip of the Week: Warning Signs of a Phishing Scam


According to the latest edition of Microsoft’s regular Security Intelligence Report, phishing attacks are the most prevalent cyberthreat. Considering what is currently going on in the world, this is almost assuredly still the case, which means that businesses and individuals alike need to be more aware of how to spot these attempts. To help, we’ve put together a few tips.

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Coronavirus Anxiety Causing Expanded Phishing Threats


The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly changed the way we do things in a very short period of time. Unfortunately, in times of absolute crisis and anxiety, cybercriminals use it as camouflage to steal data and infiltrate normally-secure networks. Let’s take a look at some of the ways hackers are able to exploit your employees and how you can work to protect your business. 

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Why Social Engineering Needs to Be on Your Radar


As prevalent as cybersecurity threats unfortunately are today, many users tend to overlook major threats that they just aren’t focused on nearly as much: social engineering attacks. Social engineering attacks are just another means for a cybercriminal to reach their desired ends, and so need to be protected against.

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Tip of the Week: How to Identify (and Foil) a Phishing Attack


Phishing has been gaining notoriety in cybersecurity circles, as it has been used quite successfully in a variety of business infiltrations and data breaches. Many of the more well-known cyberattacks of the last few years were enabled by phishing. In order to protect your business’ interests, you and your team need to be able to identify these social engineering attempts. We’ll go over a few ways to do so for this week’s tip.

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Which is Worse -- a Phishing Attack or a Data Breach?


In the realm of cyberattacks, a data breach is perceived as one of, if not the biggest threat that a business can face. They are seen as so dangerous, in fact, that threats like phishing attacks are largely disregarded. However, data from a recent study suggests that this is the opposite of what should happen in a decision maker’s mind.

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What Does a SMiShing Attempt Look Like?


Phishing--it’s a threat that tells a tantalizing lie to entrap its target, and one that you’ve likely heard of before. However, as technology has advanced, so have the opportunities that cybercriminals have to leverage phishing attempts. Smartphones, for instance, make it so that you must be aware and on the lookout for SMiShing scams.

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Pokemon Go Brings New IT Threats to Company Networks

Pokemon Go Brings New IT Threats to Company Networks
Pokemon Go Brings New IT Threats to Company Networks Gaming isn’t exactly a recommend office activity for most businesses, how people spend their private time is generally their business. But because of the new Pokemon Go craze there’s a huge new rash of potential security risks to watch out for in your office, and you better get up to speed fast. Pokemon Go has quickly become the most popular downloaded game in North American history. Just as quickly, it’s attracted organized cybercrime, and with it an unprecedented onslaught of new phishing hazards. It’s not just the range of new traps that is surprising, but also speed in which they are coming on stream. These are the same criminal networks that have almost tripled phishing attacks on corporate employees this year . They're using adaptations and variations of many of those same successful tactics and tools on Pokemon Go players. So far it's been a smorgasbord for them.   If your company or organization has employees who play Pokemon Go who connect to your network with private mobile devices or VPN, your data security may soon be at risk.   Some quick stats about Pokemon Go you should know Consider that...

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