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Who Thinks These Weak Passwords Are Funny? The Joke is On Us.

Who Thinks These Weak Passwords Are Funny? The Joke is On Us.

Who Thinks These Weak Passwords are Funny? The Joke is on us.     We all know that password security is important—especially in an office. But our user's personal account passwords aren’t always top-of-mind when we think of office network and data security. It ought to be, because every user survey I’ve ever seen scares the crap out of me. It should scare you too. Security experts have been warning us for more than 20 years that the most common passwords people use online provide ZERO to NO barriers to intrusion by hackers. We collectively smirk and grin, and probably wonder at who these silly people are who think they’re securing their online accounts with such ridiculously simple passwords. “Stoopid people”, right? Well, the joke’s on us for everyone who manages an office with users who access an office network at work or from home. Let me explain, but first, you have to look closely here at SplashData’s January 2016 Annual List of the 25 Most Common Hacked Passwords… Yes, it looks just like the same list of the most common passwords we saw three years ago, and three years before that. Why aren't people "getting it"? Rank   Password   Change from 2013 1   123456   No...

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