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Tip of the Week: What Kind of Computer Fits Your Needs?


In the current business environment, a computer of some sort is a necessity. However, it is important that you select the right one. After all, it wouldn’t do to not have the capabilities that your business requires, but why spend extra for more than you need? For today’s tip, we’ll guide you through the computer selection process so that you can make the best choice for you, without doing too much damage to your budget.

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9 Truly Practical [Year-Round] IT Budget Tips for Making Your Work Life Easier

9 Truly Practical [Year-Round] IT Budget Tips for Making Your Work Life Easier
Practical IT Budget Tips for Making Your Work Life Easier “ There’s got to be an easier way ” may be a worn out cliché, but it’s seldom heard more often than in an IT department at budgeting time. Some people might enjoy it, but for most, the annual department budget is a real chore—yet so necessary. Believe me when I say that for IT departments, the annual budget can be a double-chore. It’s not just that Information Technology is more technical, with its evolving systems, hardware and software to account for. It’s the nature of our industry that unexpected “surprises” and events require frequent revisions, reviews and emergency upgrades during our budget periods. Plus we have no control over how often our system vendors provide software and driver updates, vulnerability patches, and bug-fixes that are becoming more frequent as the hacking world gets more dangerous and complex.   So here they are, our 9 Truly Practical [Year-Round] IT Budget Tips that will make your work life easier... (Editor’s note: Our thanks to   Tech Pro Research   who originally published much of our inspiration here in their annual CIO’s Guide)   The annual IT Budget may be a once-a-year exercise,...
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